Our Selection Criteria

We are relentless in upholding our selection criteria for our partners.
The world of luxury hardware and plumbing is vast. Our goal is to select the best of the industry so you don’t have to worry about who you’re welcoming into your home.

Not only are all potential partners subject to thorough research regarding their history in the industry but also regarding their reputation among buyers.

If they pass the initial phase, we will interview them personally to learn about what makes their business unique. We do this so that you will never have to settle when it comes to your dream home.

Our Partners

California Faucets

At California Faucets, our goal is to give you exactly what you want. Unlike other companies, we give you the option to order our faucets as you see them on our website, or custom design your own. We proudly handcraft our faucets one-at-a-time, in our factory in Huntington Beach, California.

Native Trails

Native Trails is unusual because they don’t manufacture a single thing. Instead, Naomi Neilson has taken a passion for artisan tradition, sustainability, and fair trade to bring the corners of Central Mexico to your home from Murano glass bowls to copper sinks. Your home will sing with Native Trails.


Made exclusively of high-quality, pure materials, BainUltra bathtubs offer unparalleled quality and a beautiful finish that’s made to last. Designing a bathtub that relaxes, rejuvenates and revitalizes should be the outcome of thought and study, not the expression of a fleeting trend.


In a world of cheap metals, Kartners stands out as one of the few providers in the world that is committed to solid brass products. Many of their products are hand-crafted and their wide variety of options allows them to provide matching accessories for higher-end major plumbing pieces that most providers simply cannot.


An Italian manufacturer that has hidden behind the scenes for quite some time and is finally getting the attention that they deserve for their attention to quality and design. All of their items are handmade and of exceptional quality. They are the gem you didn’t know you were missing in your dream home design.

Electric Mirror

As one of the first manufacturers of lighted mirrors in the US, Electric Mirror is also one of the best in the world. They are so committed to perfection in their work that they will discard 3-5 pieces of glass for everyone that lives up to their exacting standards. This is a lifetime mirror, fully serviceable, and flawless.


One of only two electric mirror providers that we are willing to represent (and technically a partner to Electric Mirror itself), Cordova is an excellent choice to provide a wide array of lighted mirror options to those looking for a designer fit balanced with value. They offer a trusted name that we are proud to partner with.


The charm lies in the finer points, and decorative hardware has the power to perfect and enhance the entirety of your home’s design. Explore how Baldwin is seamlessly integrated into the aesthetics of these beautiful homes.



As one of Kartner’s partners, Sydney continues to uphold the highest standards in the bathroom accessory space. Their ongoing mission is to create unique and functional bathroom spaces that bring designer sophistication to every project.



As one of Kartner’s partners, Vernon promotes modern, well-designed towel warmers that allow you to escape to your very own retreat, each day, in style. Vernon towel warmers are made with high-quality steel, Italian heat elements, and internationally met standards of lead and cadmium-free copper to keep your towel warmer looking pristine for years to come.


ThermaSol has been redefining the modern shower experience for over six decades. What began as a mission to bring the multi-sensory powers of water, sound, steam and light into the privacy of people’s homes has evolved into a passionate quest for giving our clients control over every aspect of their daily wellness rituals with smart, precision-engineered products.

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