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The decorative hardware & plumbing industry is about luxury and class.
It is not about leaving dream home builders unguided and overwhelmed or consultants and sales reps inundated and unable to provide quality service.
This industry is constantly evolving to bring new and innovative products to the market.
Buyers deserve a guide through the market who will prioritize helping their dream become a reality.
This is what we do.

We believe that the product is only part of what you receive when you work with Adream Decor for your premium hardware and plumbing needs. We have tailored our process with our partners to meet your needs from knobs to tubs.

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Working With Us

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Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is the differentiator between common and exceptional.
It is not just the seat placement that makes First Class on an airplane feel so special. It’s the more thoughtful design of the seat, more time to relax, the care and attention from the attendants, and the elevated drink and snack options that make it extraordinary.

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We start by ensuring all of our partners pass a rigorous interview process for quality and innovation before we will agree to represent them. Next we carefully select representatives on the showroom floors that understand the importance of concierge level service.

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That is exactly the difference that Adream is committed to upholding in the decorative hardware and plumbing industry.

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Your Home

Your home is not just any home.
It should be your home.
Your dream.

Our Partners

Our founder Dan selects each partner personally. Potential partners are subject to extensive research and interviews before we will represent them.
Most importantly, we want to understand what they bring to the table that no one else does so you can have the home that no one else can.

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Adream believes in the personal touch. Whether showing the latest in design and technology or getting you a price quote, we know that you want to deal with people you know and trust. But, we also appreciate that you’re busy and strive to be efficient and unobtrusive.

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